Stump Grinding
by Durham Arborists

Durham Arborists offers a variety of tree services in the Durham area such as stump grinding, tree removal, and tree trimming.

Stump Grinding Durham

Stump grinding services are fast and affordable with Durham Arborists. Get those pesky stumps out of the yard to make way for flowers, grass, and other more appealing plants. Stump mills are one of the safest and most effective methods of removing stumps, and they are the most common method of removing stumps from newly removed tree. Removing old existing stumps to allow new plantings and landscaping. A felled tree is only completely removed when all visible roots and surfaces, with the exception of the trunk, have disappeared. Normally the visible root surface is cut off and the stump is ground to 3 – 6 cm below the surface. You may wonder why you need to remove a tree stump, and you may even consider leaving it on your own farm to decompose it naturally.

Tree Services by Columbia Arborists

Firstly, stumps and rotten roots pose a danger to humans and pets, leading to soft spots in the ground and creating holes into which people can fall into. Once a tree is felled, its roots decompose quickly and stop growing, and if the roots rot, they can cause damage to the tree, leading to death.

Second, decomposing roots can negatively affect the ability of new trees and shrubs to be planted in the area after the tree has been removed. It is important to remove as much organic material as possible from the soil before planting a new tree or shrub in the same area, especially if it is in a backyard or playground. This is especially important if you remove a stump of a sick tree.

If you are planning to build a new house or house in an area where a tree has recently grown, you must remove the stump or roots from the foundation. Rotting roots weaken the soil and could lead to fundamental failure.

In addition, fresh wood in the soil attracts termites and should be removed for protection, and rotten stumps are unsightly. The removal of a tree stump will improve the aesthetics of your yard, landscape or park for years to come. If you need to remove a stump on your property contact Durham Arborists today!